Who We are

Offering outstanding amenities to the customers is one of the primary desires of any business or industry. When it comes to buying products in small quantity or in bulk we as a buyer hunt for the best deal contacting a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor or a retailer. This exercise of finding a supplier involves time, effort and money.

Global Vendor Mart is an online B2B marketplace with a global platform that connects buyers and suppliers directly eradicating middlemen and reducing time and effort, irrespective of any business or industry, giving access to an elite directory of more than twenty lakh vendors across the globe.

Global Vendor Mart provides an opportunity to the wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers and service providers to exhibit and showcase their product across the globe with just a few clicks. With a mission in mind to empower the small and medium enterprises and individual suppliers, Global Vendor Mart laid its foundation in 2015 with a team of 10 dedicated employees today we are a group of 40 employees spreading our wings across the globe.

Our core business is solely related to B2B business and business services. We are popular among suppliers as well as buyers from almost every possible industry because of our motto is to focus on quality. This is one of the reason because of which we prefer doing thorough research of suppliers and their products before giving them entry in our elite listing. Knowledge regarding different industries is our real strength. We have the upper hand on our competitors because our top management has gained experience by being part of almost every big industry that can possibly come to your mind.

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