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Rubber to Metal Bonding Adhesive Coating

Rubber to Metal Bonding Adhesive Coating Machine ‘Chemlok’ is the proprietary product of Lord Corporation. ‘Megum’ is the proprietary product of by Rohm & Haas. These coating has exceptional reliability in rubber to metal bonding. This type of coating is required in rugged automotive & industrial applications like industrial lining, hydraulic hoses, military components, brake shoes & automotive vibration control components. SALIENT FEATURES It is a fully automatic process. The complete cycle is controlled by PLC. The vertical motion of the guns is on linear axis with servo motors. There is a heating system for baking. There is a built in program for cleaning cycle. SS tanks are used for supply of coating chemical as well as the cleaning solvent. The system is fitted with pneumatic paint stirrers. Settings can be done from the touch screen for the linear movement of the spray guns, which can be set according to the length of the components. This prevents over spray. The setting is to be done by the supervisor and / or the operator.

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