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WordPress Development Course

WordPress Development

WordPress Development
Module 1 – WORDPRESS
  • Overview of wordpress
  • Advantages of wordpress
  • Comparsion of wordpress with other CMS
  • Difference between wordpress websites.
  • WordPress installation and settings
  • Table Prefix
  • Overview of wordpress tables
  • Folder structure of wordpress
  • Overview of wordpress dashboard
  • What is Plugin & important plugins in wordpress
  • General Settings
  • Difference between Template and Theme
  • Converting a HTML Template into WordPress
  • Linking external CSS & JS
  • Difference between the_content() and the_excerpt()
  • Creating a new category
  • Creating posts
  • Displaying recent posts
  • Managing post pages
  • Creating custom widget
  • Displaying widget on webpage
  • Creating multiple pages
  • Creating custom menu
  • Displaying custom menu on webpage
  • Managing multiple pages
  • Difference between foreach and while in wordpress
  • Displaying category lists on webpage
  • Managing category pages
  • Displaying archives lists on webpage
  • Managing archive pages
  • Creating custom pages in wordpress
  • Displaying custom pages on webpage
  • Pagination in wordpress
  • Installing plugin and modifying it
  • Integrating [short-code] using php in wordpress
  • Creating network site in wordpress
  • Setting permalinks
  • Customizing contact forms
  • Displaying comment form on webpage
  • Hiding ‘you may use’ message from webpage
  • Displaying recent comments on webpage
  • Displaying total no. of comments on webpage
  • Changing color of active menu
  • Changing title of each page
  • Integrating an existing website into wordpress
  • Installing new themes from library
  • Working with database (import, export, etc)
  • Making backup of wordpress site
  • Moving wordpress site along with database from local server to live server
  • Overview of Woocommerce
  • Woocommerce installation
  • Developing an E-Commerce website using woocommerce most popular theme
  • Woocommerce theme customization
  • Creating categories
  • Adding products
  • Adding featured products
  • Important built-in functions of woocommerce
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Moving woocommerce site with database from local server to live server
Course Duration : 3 Months Course Fee : 2,000 INR PER MONTH Course Schedule : Daily / Weekly Live Project : 2 LIVE PROJECTS(1 WordPress + 1 E-Commerce) Mode of Training : Online / Classroom
Every Course Having Monthly Fees Duration:- 12 Weeks

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