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a. N-EVAP Product Line Description: Organomation's nitrogen evaporators (N-EVAPs) are extremely well suited for numerous sample preparation methodologies. They have created a diverse product line with instruments ranging from six to forty-five sample positions. Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators utilize adjustable nitrogen blow down technology allowing full control of nitrogen flow to samples, with no wasted nitrogen gas. They combined this technology with uniform efficient heat applied through either water or dry baths. This simultaneously maximizes solvent evaporation in the samples being concentrated and saves the lab money. Organomation’s instruments are the most reliable in the field, but if they ever do break down, we provide affordable repair services for all of our instruments and baths. b. MULTIVAP Product Line Description: Organomation's MULTIVAPs are ideal for concentrating large batches of samples and are used in numerous sample preparation methodologies. The 9, 30, 48, and 80 position units are available in high-temperature dry block models, while the 64 and 100 position models utilize our classic water bath to maximize sample evaporation. Nitrogen gas is delivered to each sample via individual stainless steel needles connected to the hand-built gas distribution manifold. All of Organomation’s MULTIVAPs include a built-in timer to shut heat and nitrogen gas off for maximum efficiency. Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators utilize adjustable nitrogen blow down technology allowing for full control of nitrogen flow to samples, with no wasted nitrogen gas. They combine this technology with uniform heat applied efficiently through either water or dry baths. This technique saves labs money by simultaneously maximizing solvent evaporation volume and rate. c. MICROVAP Product Line Organomation's MICROVAP laboratory evaporators are used in numerous sample preparation methodologies and are designed for controlled concentration of small samples. These instruments are light, compact and digitally controlled for ease of use. The MICROVAPs are offered in four different models, providing versatility for many different sample preparation applications. The single and triple position MICROVAP microplate evaporators condense samples held within 96 well plates and can accommodate both deep well and microwell plates. The 15 and 24 position MICROVAP laboratory evaporators are intended for small batch solvent evaporations, such as concentrations of sample batches in microcentrifuge tubes For more information kindly visit our website: or send us a mail at

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Lablink is the exclusive distributor, manufacturer & exporter of various Analytical Instruments. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization and a supplier of cost-effective, reliable and efficient laboratory instruments. We are the manufacturer of XTRAPURE LAB Water Systems (HPLC Grade; D.M Water; D.I Water; Dissolution Grade Water System.), and an exclusive distributor of Gas Generators (Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Zero Air Gas Generators, Plant Nitrogen Generators) from CLAIND, ITALY; Nitrogen Evaporators, Solvent Extractors from Organomation, USA; Refrigerated and Heating Circulators, Viscosity Baths, Chiller, from LABO, Turkey; Microwave Digestion Extraction & Synthesis System, Microwave Muffle Furnace from Questron Technologies Corp., CANADA; HAND O2, BLIST O2 from ECHO, UK. We are operated by a group of committed technocrats, professionals & engineers with proven expertise and have been a successful sales and services organization having offices in Mumbai, Baroda, Bangalore and Hyderabad. With a customer orientation approach, we have been able to attain and maintain a position in this field. Our people understand the needs and requirements of our customers and thus are dedicated to meet the deadlines for achieving customer satisfaction. While trying to render the best services, we have catered to one of the best organizations in different and varied segments. The same way we have received utmost support and backing from our valued customers and principals. Till now we have successfully installed more than 500 generators & more than 100 laboratory water systems. We also export water systems in neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh.

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