Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

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Brand Selvon Instruments Pvt. Ltd
Category Electrical Equipment & Supplies
SubCategory Power Supplies

Corrects voltage automatically and continuously. Induction motors operate at high efficiency and improved power factor when supplied constant voltages. Protects costly manufacturing equipments from menace of High/Low Voltages, thus cutting on the maintenance cost. Less Production losses & better efficiency in plant. Increased Productivity. 100% depreciation from Income Tax. Reduces MDI and saves power. Reduction in electricity bills up to the level of approximately 15% (This depends on the input variation, loading and the number if working hours) Saves on diesel cost, as generator is not required to run at high/low input voltages. The average pay back period of Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer owing to its high energy saving capability is approx. 18 month

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About Supplier

Selvon Instruments Pvt. Ltd

Selvon Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Is a manufacturing Unit with main focus on manufacturing of Servo Voltage Stabilizer & other Power line segment and are well known, for quality products & excellent services. We have the privilege of having a group of experienced young entrepreneurs working towards providing power line equipment for good quality power to all industries, Corporate houses & MNCs. We have a proven track record of more than a decade in manufacturing of highly reliable and efficient Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage stabilizers and other products. Our motto is total commitment towards customer's satisfaction. Since established in 1986 we have focused on the various aspects of power quality and its possible solutions. With this experience in hand, we move ahead with constant refinement of production techniques for the optimum satisfaction of our clients. Due to our special designs stringent quality standard (as per IS: 9815-94) and effluent after Sales Service, we enjoy a good rapport with our buyers. Because of company’s policy to continuously improve its method and ways to satisfy the needs of customers and deliver to them on time, quality products and services, company got ISO 9001-2000 Certificate in January 2002.

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