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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Usage

Please read the terms and conditions listed below before utilizing the services of Globalvendormart.com

(Last updated on 20 June 2017)

Welcome to Globalvendormart.com

This report is an electronic record regarding Information Technology Act, 2000 and governs there under as material and the corrected arrangements relating to electronic records in different statutes as revised by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is system generated and does not require any physical or advanced marks.

These terms and conditions explain the terms of usage applicable to your visiting and using the services of the website at www.globalvendormart.com(“site”). This document is a lawful and legal binding agreement between you as the user(s) of the site (referred to as “you”, “your” or “user” henceforth) and the Globalvendormart.com entity listed in section 1.1 below (referred to as “we”, “our” or “Globalvendormart.com.com” henceforth)

Clause 1 – Terms & Conditions of Services and Acceptance

Clause 1.1 – Hereby confirm that you as a user are entering a legal and lawful contract with Globalvendormart.com India Limited to utilize the services for lawful purpose. You are advised to become a registered member of Globalvendormart.com, to enjoy all services without interruption.

Clause 1.2 – Moving forward, Globalvendormart.com reserves the privilege, without earlier notice, to limit access to or utilization of specific Services (or any components inside the Services) to paying Users or subject to different conditions that Globalvendormart.com may force in our carefulness.

Clause 1.3 – Services (or any elements inside the services) may change for various districts and nations. No guarantee or portrayal is given that a specific service or highlight or capacity thereof or a similar sort and degree of the service or components and capacities thereof will be accessible for Users. Globalvendormart.com may in our sole tact constrain, deny or make the diverse level of access to and utilization of any Services (or any components inside the Services) regarding distinctive Users.

Clause 1.4 – Globalvendormart.com may introduce, change, update, force conditions to, suspend, or stop any services (or any elements inside the services) without earlier notice, except the paid services – where a prior notice of occurrence on any change in the service shall be provided.

Clause 1.5 – Your utilization of the site and Globalvendormart.com’s administrations, programming and items (altogether called as the “Administrations” henceforth) is liable to the terms and conditions contained in this archive and in addition the Privacy Policy, other policies and arrangements of the site that Globalvendormart.com may announce from time to time. This phrase and such different guidelines and strategies of the site are altogether summed up as the “Terms”. Visiting the site or utilizing the services, you consent to acknowledge and be bound by the Terms. Kindly don’t utilize the Services or the Site on the off chance that you don’t acknowledge the greater part of the Terms.

Clause 1.6 – You may not utilize the Services and may not acknowledge the Terms if (a) You are not allowed to get any Services under the laws of India or different nations/districts including the nation/locale in which you are occupant or from which you utilize the services or (b) you are not of lawful age to frame a coupling contract with Globalvendormart.com.

Clause 1.7 – You hereby confirm that you are aware that  Globalvendormart.com reserves the right to alter any Terms, when necessary in favor of smooth functioning of Globalvendormart.com. By continue using the services, you confirm that the changed Terms shall apply to you. The Terms may not generally be adjusted aside from in composing by an approved officer of Globalvendormart.com.

Clause 2 – Free and Paid Membership

Utilization of the Website is accessible just to people who can shape legitimately restricting contracts under Indian Contract Act, 1872. People who are “inept to contract” inside the significance of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 including minors, UN-released insolvents and so forth are not qualified to utilize the Website. If you are a minor i.e. less than 18 years old years, you should not enroll as a user of Globalvendormart.com site and might not execute on or utilize the site. As a minor, if you wish to utilise or execute on site, such utilize or exchange might be made by your legitimate guardians on the Website. Globalvendormart.com claims all authority to end your enrollment and/or decline to give you access to the website on the off chance that it is conveyed to Globalvendormart.com notice or in the event that it is found that you are less than 18 years old years.

Clause 2.1 – At any given time, while using the service of Globalvendormart.com, the user is permitted to register and create an account only once through his credentials and that keeping more than one account per user, shall be considered illegal. Globalvendormart.com reserves the right to suspend such accounts, without any prior intimation.

Clause 2.2 – On successful registration on Globalvendormart.com, users shall be allotted a Unique Member ID for paid as well as free services. The user is required to create a password to access the Member ID. It shall be the responsibility of the user to maintain the secrecy of the password. Globalvendormart.com does not encourage any user to share the Member ID and password with any unauthorized person for whatsoever reason.

Clause 2.3 – Any unusual activity noticed pertaining the access of user account, should be brought into the notice of Globalvendormart.com at the earliest. The account shall be immediately blocked for investigation and corrective actions.

Clause 2.4 – Any activity performed through the unique Member ID, (uploading sample products, sending quotes to buyers/suppliers, responding to the query of a buyer/supplier shall be considered as valid and assumed to be performed by the authorized user, unless reported to Globalvendormart.com and that Globalvendormart.com does cannot be held liable for any such activity.

Clause 3 – Terms and Conditions for Disclosure of Facts

Clause 3.1 – It is the sole responsibility of the user registering and using services of Globalvendormart.com to furnish the correct, updated and accurate information about the nature of the business, legal status and location. User hereby agrees that the address provided at the time of registration is updated and accurate and to be considered as the principal address and that it is the address from the business is carried out. Under this clause the additional office, rep office or branch office shall not be considered as the main correspondence address and that the principal office shall be considered for all communication if the need be. The contact number provided, which shall be verified sending an OTP, will be considered to be the contact number of the authorized user. Any update in the address and contact number shall be updated in site’s record. Globalvendormart.com shall not be held responsible for any loss of data or information.

Clause 3.2 – By registering and using the services of Globalvendormart.com user confirms that the use of the site will be for the legal business purpose only. The user is responsible for furnishing material and facts about the nature of business in updated accurate and correct manner.  Globalvendormart.com shall not be held responsible for any forge document or statement provided by the user. User shall be solely responsible for the legal implications if any. Timely update in the facts and material related to the business is to be furnished by the user.

Clause 3.3 – As a registered member, users authorize Globalvendormart.com to furnish their contact information to the buyer database and to use the personal information as per the privacy policy.

Clause 3.4 – Each User agrees and gives its consent that the user might be exclusively in charge of acquiring all essential outsider licenses and authorizations with respect to any User Content that they submit or post on the site. Any content that is submitted by the user does not encroach or damage any of the copyright, patent, trademark, exchange name, exchange mysteries or whatever other individuals or restrictive privileges of any outsider (“Third Party Rights”) Users reserve the rights to trade, sell, purchase products and services at the site, but these activities should not violate third party rights and should not be the subject to any exchange limitations, sanctions or other legitimate confinements ordered by any nation, worldwide association or locale.

Clause 3.5 – Each User additionally speaks to, warrants and concurs that the User Content that is submitted, posted or shown is valid and legal. The information is not false, misleading or deceptive. Data published should not be defamatory, derogatory, undermining or bothering, vulgar, shocking, hostile, sexually unequivocal or destructive to minors. No discrimination should be made based on caste, color, sex, nationality or age.

Clause 3.6 – Users should not damage any pertinent laws and directions (counting without impediment those overseeing send out control, out of line rivalry, or false publicizing) or advance any exercises which may abuse any relevant laws and controls. User to ensure no connection specifically or in a roundabout way to some other site which incorporates any substance that may damage the Terms.

Clause 3.7 Each User additionally confirms to carry out business in a lawful and legal manner. The user shall not be a part of any activity that can be harmful to another person in terms of reputation and financial loss and should deal with another site in an ethical manner. Globalvendormart.com shall not be responsible if users enter into any relation (personal, professional or financial) with another user of the site for activities not related to the site. Users shall not be part of spamming and phishing or any other unlawful activity. User shall not endeavor to duplicate, replicate, or dispose of Globalvendormart.com’s different restrictive registries, database and postings. User shall not be involved in PC infections or other dangerous gadgets and codes that have the impact of harming, meddling with, catching or dispossessing any product or equipment framework, information or individual data.

Clause 4 – Generic terms for users

Clause 4.1 – You consent to utilize the site or services exclusively for your own private purposes. You concur that you won’t duplicate, imitate, download, re-distribute, offer, disseminate or exchange any Services or any data, content, pictures, illustrations, video cuts, sound, catalogues, records, databases or postings, and so forth accessible on or through the site (the “Website Content”) You won’t duplicate, recreate, download, arrange or generally utilize any site content for the reasons for working a business that contends with Globalvendormart.com, or generally financially abusing the site content. Orderly recovery of Site Content from the Site to make or incorporate, specifically or in a roundabout way, a gathering, aggregation, database or catalogue (regardless of whether through robots, creepy crawlies, programmed gadgets or manual procedures) without composed authorization from Globalvendormart.com is denied. Utilization of any substance
or materials on the Site for any reason not explicitly allowed in the Terms is restricted. You may refer to the privacy policy for further clarification.

Clause 4.2 – You give your consent not to be involved in any kind of hacking of the site directly or indirectly. You shall not be involved in using the feedback system of the site negatively. You shall not be involved in leaving positive feedback for your Member id through a fake account. You hereby confirm that you shall provide all feedback without personal bias, feedback on the site should be provided on the basis of the services or products received.

Clause 4.3 – Globalvendormart.com and you are independent entities, no affiliation, joint wander, representative business or franchiser-franchisee relationship is proposed or made by the Terms. In times to come if any arrangement of the term is held to be inappropriate and needs corrections, the updates shall be made in the arrangement under concern and the rest of the arrangement shall remain the same and valid. Delay in response to any violation of terms by you should not be considered as an omitted action.

Clause 4.4 – When You utilize the Website or send messages or other information, data or correspondence to us, you concur and comprehend that you are speaking with us through electronic records and you agree to get interchanges by means of electronic records from us occasionally and as and when required. We may speak with you by email or by such other method of correspondence, electronic or something else.

Clause 5 – Violation of Terms

Clause 5.1 – Globalvendormart.com saves the privilege in our sole watchfulness to evacuate, change or reject any user content that you submit to, post or show on the site which we sensibly accept is unlawful, damages the Terms, could subject Globalvendormart.com to obligation, or is generally discovered wrong and unlawful.

Clause 5.2 – If any of the users breaches any of the above-mentioned Terms, or if Globalvendormart.com has sensible grounds to trust that a user is in rupture of any Terms, Globalvendormart.com has the privilege to take strict suitable action including without confinement suspending or ending the users’ record and any records resolved to be identified with such record by Globalvendormart.com in its circumspection. Limiting, minimizing, suspending or ending the user-ship of, access to, or present or future utilization of any service, evacuating any item postings or other user content that the users have submitted, posted or shown, or forcing limitations on some other remedial activities, is a sole discretion of Globalvendormart.com.

Clause 5.3 – Globalvendormart.com reserves the right to suspend the account of the user, in the case of any complaint received from the third party and the complaint verified as true and harmful for the reputation of the site. This may include failure to deliver the order as per specifications. No response to the query for more than 3 times in a month. Any fraud or misleading action done by the user shall result in suspension of the account. Any theft of credit card details or if the user found guilty regarding any financial theft, the action can be strict and legal.

Clause 5.4 – All users agree that Globalvendormart.com shall not be held liable at any time for any fraud activity of the user. The right to involve investigating agency of behalf of Globalvendormart.com is reserved always.

Clause 6 – Buyer and Supplier Relationship

Clause 6.1 – Users agree that Globalvendormart.com provides a common electronic web-based platform to buyer and supplier. The interaction between the buyer and supplier is independent as Globalvendormart.com is not   responsible or does not represent the buyer or the supplier in any conversation or deal. The site does not guarantee the quality, size, color or dimension of the product. The site suggests making a wise decision while selecting a supplier for a particular order. The payment shall be made after complete satisfaction on the order. Globalvendormart.com shall not be held liable for any fraud activity but we encourage that such activities should be brought to our notice at the earliest.

Clause 6.2 – Users agree that Globalvendormart.com makes a thorough check to validate the information provided by the supplier at the time of registration yet Globalvendormart.com cannot be held liable for any fraud Member ID. All users are advised to double check the information of the user from all possible sources and make a wise decision while choosing the right supplier. Users understand that there is a risk involved while placing any order in terms of fraud schemes, unsatisfactory delivery, low-quality products, violation of contract, misleading cost calculation to name a few. Globalvendormart.com is not party to bear any such risk.

Clause 6.3 – Users agree that all the transaction done through the site are the sole discretion of the buyer and supplier and the formalities and the cost involved in the transaction shall be borne by the buyer and supplier as per their transnational agreement. Globalvendormart.com has no role to play in these activities. These activities can be but not limited to shipping cost, insurance, port charges, licenses, taxes, return policy etc.

Clause 6.4 – Users agree that any dispute between the buyer and the supplier, has to be dealt in a legal manner and that Globalvendormart.com has no role to play in it. It is the sole responsibility of the user to furnish all the information related to the nature of the business, failing to do so can lead to discontinuation of the services.

Clause 7 Legal Notices

Clause 7.1 – All legal notices and demand letters shall be sent to Globalvendormart.com in one of the following manners – The notice can be sent to the registered office of Globalvendormart.com through hand delivery, courier or registered post. The notice can be e-mailed at  support@globalvendormart.com through registered e-mail id or users may contact us through call support through registered contact number. We Acknowledge the receipt of the notice received and you shall be intimated through email support and the users agree that all correspondence made through email support by Globalvendormart.com satisfies all legal requirements.

Clause 8 – Inevitable Accidents

Clause 8.1 – Users agree that Globalvendormart.com cannot be held responsible for any deferral or disappointment or interruption of the substance or administrations conveyed through the site coming about specifically or in a roundabout way from demonstrations of nature, strengths or causes past our sensible control, including without impediment, Internet disappointments, PC, media communications or some other gear disappointments, electrical power disappointments, strikes, work debate, riots, uprisings, common aggravations, deficiencies of work or materials, fires, surge, storms, blasts, demonstrations of God, war, legislative activities, requests of household or remote courts or tribunals or non-execution of outsiders.

Clause 9 – Compliance

Clause 9.1 – Buyer and supplier should conform to all the relevant laws (counting without constraint Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and the guidelines made and warnings issued there-under and the Exchange Control Manual as might be issued by Reserve Bank of India every once in a while, Customs Act, Information and Technology Act, 2000 as altered by the Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2008, Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 and the standards made there-under, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976 and the principles made there-under, Income Tax Act, 1961 and the tenets made there-under, Export Import Policy of Government of India) appropriate to them individually to use Payment Facility and Globalvendormart.com Website.

Clause 10 – Trademark and Copyright

Clause 10.1 – This site is controlled and worked by Globalvendormart.com and items are sold by separate suppliers. All material on this site, including pictures, representations, sound clasps, and video clasps, are ensured by copyrights, trademarks, and other licensed innovation rights. The material on Website is exclusively for your own, non-business utilize. You should not duplicate, repeat, republish, transfer, post, transmit or appropriate such material in any capacity, including by email or other electronic means and whether specifically or in a roundabout way and you should not help some other individual to do as such. Without the earlier composed assent of the proprietor, adjustment of the materials, utilization of the materials on whatever other site or organized PC condition or utilization of the materials for any reason other than individual, non-business utilize is an infringement of the copyrights, trademarks and other restrictive rights, and is precluded. Any utilization for which you get any compensation, regardless of whether in cash or something else, is a business use for the motivations behind this provision.

Clause 11 – Limitation of Liability

Clause 11.1 – To the most extreme degree allowed by law, the administration given by Globalvendormart.com on or through the destinations are given “as may be”, “as accessible” and “with all deficiencies”, and   Globalvendormart.com thus explicitly renounces all guarantees, expressed or suggested, including however not restricted to, any guarantees of condition, quality, toughness, execution, exactness, unwavering quality, merchantability or wellness for a specific reason. All such guarantees, portrayals, conditions, and endeavors are therefore rejected. To the most extreme degree allowed by law, Globalvendormart.com makes no portrayals or guarantees about the legitimacy, precision, rightness, unwavering quality, quality, steadiness, fulfillment or presentness of any data given on or through the locales; Globalvendormart.com does not speak to or warrant that the fabricate, importation, send out, appropriation, offer, show, buy, deal as well as utilization of items or administrations offered or shown on the destinations does not abuse any outsider rights; and Globalvendormart.com makes no portrayals or guarantees of any sort concerning any item or administration offered or shown on the locales. In no occasion will Globalvendormart.com be obligated for any extraordinary, accidental, backhanded or considerable harms of any sort regarding these terms of utilization, regardless of the possibility that client has been educated ahead of time of the likelihood of such harms.